Play Piercing 101


Play Piercing 101
A beginners guide to the art of needle play

by Lady Lina

A Step by Step Guide
to how to Safely Play Pierce

What is Play Piercing?
Supplies and Equipment
Safety Guidelines
Danger Signs and Symptoms
Ten Steps to Successful Play Piercing.
Resource Links

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Adobe PDF
26 pages
full color photos

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Review By Darklady

Play Piercing 101
21 pp.
I am totally needle phobic Ė yet Iíve occasionally taken a perverse delight in artfully decorating human bodies with hypodermic needles. Whenever a person works with sharp objects, thereís always the real possibility of somebody getting hurt, which is why Play Piercing 101 is such an excellent and necessary beginnerís guide to needle play. This grass roots manual is short enough to read in a single setting, written clearly enough for long-term retention, and filled with useful information including online reference links for more in-depth learning, this booklet is perfect for carrying in a toy bag or keeping in the play room.
The bookletís author, Lady Lina, covers the fundamentals of play piercing, including what supplies one needs, safety guidelines, the ten steps to a successful piercing session, a bibliography, and the aforementioned resource links. A smattering of black and white photographs accompany the text, providing a visual demonstration of the techniques described.
-- Darklady


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